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About Bell Certified


Hello, my name is Dan Bell. I am a patent lawyer in the USA.

I have had the unique experience of both (i) working as a patent lawyer at a premier US patent law firm, and (ii) moving to India to teach patent processes to one of the largest non-government patent analysis teams in the world. I lived in India for over 3.5 years. Here is my profile.

After returning to the USA, I started Bell Certified. Bell Certified trains and certifies patent analysts on specific patent processes for lawyers.  Here is a link to our growing curriculum and a free video tour of an example course.

Bell Certified also helps lawyers determine whether teams at outsourcing service providers have the expertise necessary to perform various processes. Service providers are often unaware of the level of detail that lawyers will expect for a given process. Testing a service provider is the only way to know whether their service offerings are truly competitive. A lower priced provider that appears competitive may turn out to be much more expensive in the long run if you end up spending hundreds of hours preparing them to perform processes they allegedly ‘know.’

Below is one of the teams I worked with while living in India for 40 months. That’s me in the middle of the bottom row.

Thanks for stopping by,

Dan Bell, Chief Learning Officer   (Contact me.)

Do not disclose confidential information to me.  This is not legal advice or opinion.  This does not represent the current state of the law and does not include all issues relevant to this topic.  Do not take any action based upon this information without discussing the facts of your case with your lawyer.  I hereby refuse to be your lawyer.   I am only teaching now.  Copyrights © 2010 Dan Bell