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Invalidity and Infringement Analysis Courses: Certified Patent Analysts**

This document provides an introduction and overview of the Patent Infringement Analysis Process and the courses offered to teach this process.  The Patent Infringement Analysis Process is conducted to identify, verify, and provide evidence that a patent is being infringed.  A patent is a government granted right to exclude others from practicing a patented (claimed) […]

Are Present CLE Methodologies Worthless?

I spent 40 months living in India while training patent engineers about patent law.  I thought you should know the history and evolution of my teaching methodology.  I owe the lion’s share of my success to others, as you shall now read.  When I first arrived in India, I used to give CLE type lectures.  […]

What is a Patent Analyst?

Often, you will start your career in patent research doing prior art technology searches. There are also many other different types of searches that are performed such as due diligence searches, invalidity searches, freedom to operate searches, evidence of use searches, etc. For all of these searches, the report requesting lawyer will be very concerned about […]

Patent Prosecution Laches

One of the offshore patent analysis engineering teams I teach just heard about the defense of patent prosecution laches for the first time.  It was listed as an issue in a deliverable list proposed by the US lawyers they serve.  I thought it was interesting that the Federal Circuit would release the below decision at about the same time, […]

Infringement Havens

Horacio Gutierrez of Microsoft was quoted as saying that ‘cloud computing’ is as significant a shift in emerging technologies as ‘the internet or personal computers.’  See IAM Magazine.  Because the binary code is behind a firewall on a server geographically located anywhere in the world, new problems arise in the patent world.  Since you can’t […]

The Story of Bell Certified

Hello, my name is Dan Bell. I am a lawyer and a member of the US patent bar. I have had the unique experience of both (i) working as a patent lawyer at a premier US patent law firm, and (ii) moving to India to teach patent processes to one of the largest non-government patent […]