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Virtual Classrooms

What technology does use to design, build, and deliver content in a virtual classroom?  Please email me or watch this free video tour if you are interested in  a demonstration of any of the following tools:

Course Management Software:  Includes all the state of the art requirements for eLearning, distance learning, and blended learning.  See the  curriculum

Youtube: Posting of recorded whiteboard introductions to topics of the week and difficult subjects.  This idea came from watching Khan Academy videos.  See examples.

Bambo:  Wacom pen and touch pad for drawing on the whiteboard.  $89 at Best Buy.

Whiteboard: Microsoft Paint is the whiteboard, with drawing on the whiteboard by the Bamboo pen pad with whiteboard audio-video recording.  MS Paint is included with Windows 7 Professional. 

Whiteboard Recorder: Various screen audio-video recorders can be downloaded from the Internet. 

Server:  Many hosting companies are available.  Hosting for home page, blog and course management system and emails costs about $200 per year including telephone support.

Home page/Blog:  There are various free and inexpensive software packages. 

Student-Teacher Live Interface: GoToMeeting is the audio and whiteboard presence in the classroom. $29 per month.

Scanner: operates as a wireless paperless and virtual office/workspace.  Paper is scanned to PDF using the Epson Workforce 610.  $89 Fry’s Electronics.

Laptop: HP G60-636DX Notebook, daily computer and client for the cloud.  $345, used on craigslist.   

Microsoft, Windows 7: Laptop operating system.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010: Most course work is designed using Word and Excel and then uploaded to the Moodle course management system.  Outlook is our email client and daily organizer.  OneNote is used for strategic planning and managing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and life-long goals.  

Browser: Microsoft Explorer for daily requirements, but also other major browsers to verify compatibility with created content, once uploaded.  Included with Windows 7 and free from others. 

Dual Monitors: The first monitor is the laptop listed above.  The second monitor is a Dell 22 inch LCD monitor.  $185, used on craigslist.

Wireless Keyboard: Logitech Y-X5A77, Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard.  $69 at Fry’s Electronics.

Headphones: Wired Cyber Acoustics AC-634 Headset, $10 at Amazon.

Telephones: Cellular only.  HTC, HD2 from T-Mobile running Microsoft OS.  Acts as a nationwide wireless router for computer connectivity for when on the go.  $400 from T-mobile. 

Back-up System: Seagate Free Agent 500 GB USB Drive $100.

Thanks for stopping by,  Dan Bell of Bell Certified (Contact me.)

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