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Do Not Send Us Confidential Information

Your act of sending me an email (see my email below) means you have read and agree to all of the following:

Do not send or disclose confidential information to me.  I am presently only offering to be your teacher.

I am teaching scientists and engineers how to work for lawyers.  I am not offering legal services.  I am not offering to be your lawyer in this web page.  You should not disclose any confidential information to me, because you have no attorney client privilege with me yet.  After we talk, if I agree in writing to act as your lawyer, and you sign a contract saying so, only after all of that can you tell me confidential information, that is protected by privilege.

When you hear me say the words, “You can tell me your confidential information now,” then it is okay to tell me.  If you become a student in one of my courses, you still are not my client and I am not your attorney.  So don’t tell me secrets until I tell you to do so.

If you are an executive at a company, and you want to hire me to act directly as the company lawyer, I would consider that.   It is more likely that you will hire another patent lawyer, and they will engage me to teach a team of engineers and scientists how to provide process based deliverables to your lawyer on your behalf.  That would also allow some privilege to your company via your relationship with your lawyer, but that depends on a number of factors which your lawyer should discuss with you directly first.  Under no circumstances should you disclose confidential information directly to me or anyone else without gaining approval from your lawyer in advance.

These teaching materials or comments made in class or in this blog are not intended as and should not be interpreted as legal advice or opinion.  They do not create an attorney-client relationship with me or anyone else.  Do not act upon any information learned on this blog or in any course without seeking the advice of an attorney.  This blog and these course materials do not represent the current state of the law and do not include all issues relevant to the various topics.  These materials are merely teaching aids to help students learn a subset of issues that may be worth noting to a report-requesting lawyer in a report.

If any document or process is used outside this teaching domain, any report generated therefrom must be delivered to a report-requesting lawyer in order to avoid unlawful practice of law.  It is unlawful practice of law for a non-lawyer (engineer or scientist) to perform legal services directly for the public.  Report requests should only be accepted from lawyers licensed to practice in the relevant legal domain.  The report-requesting lawyer must remain in control and must determine whether any of the issues spotted by an engineer preparing a report have any legal merit.  These course materials are not represented to be fit for any particular purpose and therefor, no person should perform any services described in these course materials unless they are under the direction and control of a properly licensed and competent report-requesting lawyer.

Any certification issued to a student, certifies only that (1) the student holding the certificate has successfully completed a course created by me (Dan Bell) and (2) the student scored well enough on a final examination to be deemed ‘certified by me.’  The certificate does not imply anything else.  I have not sought approval from any private, public, or government entities for the course materials and thus the word ‘certification’ or ‘certified’ only implies my personal approval of an individual student’s performance in one of my courses.  I am a computer science (BS) and law graduate (JD) from Arizona State University (USA), and I have also worked at a well-respected US patent law firm.  If you would like to speak to a US lawyer who has engaged me to teach his team, please let me know.  The past is a good indication of the future.  Although I am maintaining my membership in the Washington State Bar, the Oregon State Bar, and the United States Patent Bar, I will not be acting as your lawyer, until and unless we agree in writing otherwise.

If you have come here to learn about patent litigation and prosecution processes and you agree to all of the above and you agree: (1) that I am not your lawyer (unless we agree in writing otherwise), (2) to not disclose confidential information to me, (3) to not perform trained processes directly for the non-lawyer public, and (4) to not disclose these training materials to anyone without my advanced written permission, then you have come to the right place.  Welcome to your future!!  Dan Bell

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